Koto concert with Joshua Faber-Hammond (July 13, 4PM)
Koto concert with Joshua Faber-Hammond (July 13, 4PM)

Koto concert with Joshua Faber-Hammond (July 13, 4PM)

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On Saturday July 13th from 4-5:30PM, please join us at Sunflower Sake for a concert with accomplished Portland kotoist, Joshua Faber-Hammond, whose project sono_kiri features both traditional and modern interpretations of koto.

Koto is one of the most quintessential traditional Japanese instruments, a large, horizontally oriented, 13-string zither with multiple bridges to adjust tune. The koto dates to the same approximate period as Japanese sake: both made their first appearance in the 8th century, in service of the Nara and Heian (Kyoto) imperial courts.

Your ticket includes a flight of three sake, which have been thoughtfully paired-- in vibe, era, and style-- to the musical ensembles. A small snack menu will be available to order from if you're feeling peckish. The concert will take place in the (air conditioned) South Loading Dock in the Olympic Mills Building where Sunflower Sake is located. If you wish to attend but not imbibe, we ask for your contribution of $15 toward the artist at the time of the event, and we hope you understand that seats will be prioritized for ticketed guests who ordered the pairing. There's a good chance we'll be able to get everyone a seat, but it depends on the event's popularity!

This isn't a serious concert, but we are serious about enjoying a truly unique experience together and blending these two historic and deeply traditional Japanese art forms. Thanks for your support, and we look forward to seeing you there!