Jun Tenzan Tokubetsu Junmai (300ml)

Jun Tenzan Tokubetsu Junmai (300ml)

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This is a surprisingly complex and fruit-driven sake. I am greeted by a bounty of cherry, apricot, richer stonefruit, and really clean just-ripe or underripe banana on the finish. But it's not just easy fruit, because there's also a complex backdrop of custard, brazil nut, noyeaux, spice and tart. It's delicate yet rich, refreshing yet substantial.

Jun Tenzan is the cheaper everyday brand produced by Tenzan Shuzo, their more famous line being Shichida. Shichida is always fantastic and unique, but also a bit pricey. So when I had the opportunity to bring in Jun Tenzan, made by the same extraordinary talent, the same pristine water and the same local Saga rice, I was really happy. Shichida excels almost more than any other brand in one thing: creating a fantastic balance of the 5 basic flavors of sweet, salt, umami, acid, bitter.

  • Brewery: Tenzan Shuzo (makers of Shichida)
  • Brand: Jun Tenzan
  • Grade: Tokubetsu Junmai
  • Established: 1875
  • Prefecture: Saga
  • Rice: Saga Yamadanishiki & Saga No Hana
  • Polish: 60%
  • Starter method: Sokujo


Founded in 1875, Tenzan Shuzo is located in Ogi City situated in Saga Prefecture.  Oft referred to as the Kyoto of the South, Saga is rich in food culture due in no small part to its bountiful agricultural output.  Utilizing the pristine water of Mount Tenzan, indicated by the abundance of fireflies that congregate at the spring, the brewery translate their passion for brewing into every bottle.  The brewery ethos is that the nurturing of sake nurtures Japanese culture.  

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