Hyosho Junmai Ginjo Usunigori "Diamond Dust"

Hyosho Junmai Ginjo Usunigori "Diamond Dust"

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This usunigori (slightly cloudy) Junmai Ginjo sake is dry, but has a soft and gentle quality that suggests the sweetness of rice and ripe orchard fruits. This is the least cloudy of all the nigori in my collection, holding only the barest bit of haze.


  • Region: Akita Prefecture
  • Rice: Akita Sake Komachi
  • Polish: 60%
  • Yeast: Akita yeast
  • SMV: -2
  • Acidity: 1.5
  • ABV: 15%

Established in 1917, this brewery located in Akita lies in the northernmost part of Japan, burdened by heavy snowfall - great sake brewing conditions. They only use rice grown within 5km of the brewery, and only make Junmai sake.