Gozenshu Junmai Omachi Bodaimoto "9"

Gozenshu Junmai Omachi Bodaimoto "9"

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Update:  bottling date on this sale bodaimoto is 9/21. A similar bottle was last opened 1/24 and evaluated for condition. The color is medium straw, full bodied, dry but with a lot of richness. The finish has a bit of bitter astringency, not uncommon in aged omachi. Stewed orchard fruit, dried flowers and herbs. Chamomile, pear butter, marzipan, cashew, sweet potato. With 3 years of age, still very true to style and aging nicely. Discounted in light of its maturity.


  • Brewery: Tsuji Honten
  • Brand:  Gozenshu
  • Prefecture: Okayama
  • Rice: Locally grown, pesticide free Omachi
  • Fermentation starter method: Mizumoto (Bodaimoto inspired) 
  • Rice polishing: 65%
  • Yeast: 901
  • Woman toji!

The brewery recommends pairing with mimolette, fatty seasonal sashimi, and eel glazed in a sweet soy kaeshi sauce.

Any glassware or serveware will work well. A wine glass will emphasize the fruit while an ochoko or junmai glass will emphasize the texture. Lightly chilled is the recommended temperature but fully chilled and gently warmed are also delicious.