The Sunflower Sake (Tiny) Tour Gift Box: Ginjo Edition

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A delicious assortment of 300ml mini-bottles, perfect for the curious sake lover in your life. This ginjo-focused selection features three mini bottles not otherwise available in Oregon, special ordered by Sunflower to get you access to the best goodies coming in from Japan.  

Each of these mini bottles is a different expression of the premium ginjo style, which is known for being delicate, elegant, and often aromatic. Ginjo is difficult to make, requiring more raw ingredients, labor, and technical skill. After all, it's not easy to make rice and water taste like melons and peaches!

Follow along on the included map, which guides you through each sake: tasting notes, brewery location, terminology, service, and recommended pairings. Each bottle is perfect as a light accompaniment to dinner for two, or a fun evening for one. Each of these will keep for at least a week open in the fridge, so one explorer can work through the pack over time.

All of the sake featured in this collection are of excellent quality from small craft breweries throughout Japan. Selections may vary depending on availability, but will always include 4 ginjo sake hand-picked by Sunflower's own wine & sake expert.