Emishiki Junmai Genshu Kimoto "Sensation" White

Emishiki Junmai Genshu Kimoto "Sensation" White

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 Vanilla, apricot, kiwi, mandarin segments and lilies on the nose, while the palate offers beautiful tension between soft, ricey sweetness, acidity, and prominent shibumi (astringency). A well-balanced and shockingly affordable sake for all of the care Emishiki Shuzo has taken in it, and all of the awards it has received. This would be well priced at double the cost.

Brewery: Emishiki Brewery
Location: Shiga
Style: Junmai Genshu (polished to daiginjo, self-classed as junmai)
Rice: Ginfubuki (Shiga)
Polishing: 50%
Yeast: #10 + Hanakobo
Water: Brewery-owned well called 'Kurashi-Mizu'
Starter method: Kimoto
SMV: -5
Acidity: 1.6
ABV: 16%

Emishiki roughly translates as “Laughter of the Four Seasons” and the lively camaraderie among Owner-Toji Takeshima-san & the brewery personnel is vividly captured in the Emishiki range of sakes. With just 3 full-time employees, the focus of Emishiki is on re-discovering the romance of sake brewing, adopting only the ancient Kimoto method alongside the laborious funa-shibori (non-mechanical) pressing method. All rice used across the Emishiki range of sakes are cultivated in Shiga Prefecture, and the sake utilizes a range of yeast strains, which include kyokai (association) yeast, hanakobo (flower yeast), & proprietary strains isolated by the toji. Additionally, the brand makes 100% Junmai, pure rice brews made exclusively in the Kimoto brewing method, relying on naturally occurring lactic acid. These unique characteristics offer an eclectic range of aromas & flavour profiles, leading to numerous awards and recognitions worldwide.

This brewery is located in the 50th Minakuchi-shuku on ancient Tokaido road, in a mountainous area ~20km away from Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture. Shiga Prefecture is know for its Shigaraki ware, one of the "Six Ancient Kilns" in Japan, and is famous for its rice agriculture. In fact, Emishiki has been instrumental in reviving and growing Tankan Wataribune and Omachi Sake rice varieties in Shiga. The natural ricey sweetness of Shiga sake, which has been a signature characteristic of local sake since ancient times, is revived and embraced by Emishiki.